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  • Ground Bison & Cheesy RavioliGround Bison & Cheesy Ravioli

    Ground Bison & Cheesy Ravioli

    Fresh, handmade cheese-stuffed ravioli paired with seared ground bison. Topped with hearty marinara sauce, fresh parmesan and parsley. A lean twist on an Italian classic. 730 CALORIES 54 G PROTEIN 55 G CARBS 33 G FAT  See DetailsAdd to cart
  • Ground Turkey, White Rice & BroccoliGround Turkey, White Rice & Broccoli

    Ground Turkey, White Rice & Broccoli

    Ground 93/7 ground turkey perfectly seasoned with our ICON house blend. Served with rice, and steamed broccoli make this meal the perfect comfort food!
    430 CALORIES
    46G CARBS
    12G FAT
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  • Homestyle Protien PancakesHomestyle Protien Pancakes

    Homestyle Protien Pancakes

    Our classic homestyle pancakes combine premium whey protein, greek yogurt, and our special Iconic Blend Baking Mix to get these delectable and fluffly homestyle pancakes! Just add the included agave for the finishing touch!
    330 CALORIES
    60G CARBS
    1.5G FAT
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  • Italian Beef MeltItalian Beef Melt

    Italian Beef Melt

    A delicious lean beef patty topped with mozzarella cheese and just a dab of marinara for extra flavor. Served with our signature vegetable medley trio.
    400 CALORIES
    12G CARBS
    24G FAT
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  • Korean Style Beef BowlKorean Style Beef Bowl

    Korean Style Beef Bowl

    Out with the boring ground beef meals and in with our all-new Korean Beef! Packed with flavor, this meal is tasty and filling! 470 CALORIES 27 G PROTEIN 55 G CARBS 16 G FATSee DetailsAdd to cart
  • Mighty Chili MacMighty Chili Mac

    Mighty Chili Mac

    Our Chili Mac and Cheese tastes like your favorite beef chili, with the added ooey goey goodness of Mac & Cheese. You wont be able to put your fork down once you get a bite of this one
    670 CALORIES
    40G CARBS
    32.0G FAT
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  • Monster Mash DeluxeMonster Mash Deluxe

    Monster Mash Deluxe

    Our trademarked signature meal is protein packed with lean ground beef, white rice, leaf spinach and bell peppers mixed together with a healthy bone broth to stay fresh and moist when reheated. See DetailsAdd to cart
  • Ravioli Meatballs with BroccoliRavioli Meatballs with Broccoli

    Ravioli Meatballs with Broccoli

    Fresh hand-made cheese raviolis with slow-cooked beef and tomato sauce bolognese. Served with a fresh side of broccoli. 600 CALORIES 44 G PROTEIN 48 G CARBS 26 G FATSee DetailsAdd to cart
  • Rhino BurritoRhino Burrito

    Rhino Burrito

    Start your day the Rhino way! Stan Efferding's breakfast burrito combines tender pulled chicken breast, thick sliced bacon, roasted red potatoes, fluffy scrambled eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, and black beans wrapped tightly in a large flour tortilla
    640 CALORIES
    45G CARBS
    28.0G FAT
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